Learn the Art of Hot Glass by using a Kiln or a Torch!

Glass Jewelry Parties!
Visit Amber's Studio or have her come to your home or business. Invite friends and learn many different types of glass pendant designs.

Fused Glass Jewelry Class One day class - view class locations above to make an appointment.
Create many unique glass pieces that can be made into pendants, earrings, pins, and objects of beauty.

Class with Fireworks Hot Glass Bead Kit

Hot Glass Beadmaking - 3 hours ~

~Learn how to melt glass at your fingertips!
Create different beads with the many techniques that involve making beautiful, funky glass beads.
I will first teach you how to form the basic shapes of a glass bead, then I will show you how to decorate the bead using stringers, frit application, gold/silver leaf foil, and encasing!


For more information contact: Amber Blanding at 561-506-0281 or info@amberwavesofglass.com
Class Location: 3393 State Route 31, Canastota, NY 13032